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Trained To Go Musik Group / DaPrinceTTG

Trained To Go Musik Group (TTG) was founded in 2013 by an upcoming inspiring artist by the name of DaPrinceTTG (Darion Brown).
DaPrinceTTG discovered interest in music at an early age were he was influence by family and events experienced in the streets. TTG’s brand was created in hopes to provide an inspiration to his community as well as the youth. TTG is also a independent label that is looking to be one of the biggest machine’s to hit the industry.  As a label it’s focused on bringing you Quality Music from the DaPrinceTTG and other artists and entertainers as the label continues to grow.
Trained to Go Musik Group (TTG) can be seen as a young media mogul in the making. Ranging from rapping, radio, film, and television. With DaprinceTTG’s natural talent, he definitely has guaranteed long term notice for this young artist.

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